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Can Fan Fiction Be a Part of Your Book Marketing Strategy?

Today I’m guest posting at Turndog Millionaire’s site on Fan Fiction.

What do you think of Fan Fiction? Icky or great? Take a look at the post and let me know what you think …


Why I Chose to Write A Memoir, as Opposed to Fiction

This is guest post published on Monday, July 9th at Kathy Pooler’s informative Memoir  blog, received a lot of feedback. I’d love to know what you think! Comment here, or on Kathy’s blog …

“The personal life deeply lived always expands into truths beyond itself.” Anais Nin

I am pleased to feature Memoir Author Laura Dennis in this guest post today. Laura contacted me after she read Linda Hoye’s guest post on her adoption memoir, Two Hearts. I think you’ll agree, she speaks from her heart about why she decided her story needed to be told as a memoir. She will return to Memoir Writer’s Journey on September 10 after her memoir, Adopted Reality, is launched  in paperback and in tribute to all the lives lost on that fateful day, especially her Uncle Tom.

Welcome, Laura!

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Creating Your Own Personal Reality

I recently posted this guest blog on I hope you enjoy it!

Creating Your Own Personal Reality

If you have ever been through a personal crisis and headed off to therapy for help, then you may have spent some time considering, What is Normal?

That’s how it was for me, at least.

Crisis Mode

Growing up, I had always been Miss Perfect. But after a series of life changes, I just couldn’t do it anymore. With a break up, a job change, a move across the country, and the separation of my adoptive parents, when I got the opportunity to reunite with my birth mom—I was not passing it up!

Unfortunately, it was a little too much for my brain to handle. When my uncle passed in the Twin Towers, the tension that had been building exploded. While everyone proudly believed I was fulfilling a lifelong dream to dance, I insanely thought I was a spy for the Illuminati who unwittingly perpetrated 9/11.


After a brief hospital stay, and some heavy anti-psychotic medication, I was left figure out how to put the pieces of my life back together. The psychiatrist said that I’d had a bipolar episode. Maybe I was bipolar, maybe not. If I had another breakdown, it would be worse, and then we would definitely know that I was bipolar.

If I was going to regain my sanity, find any happiness or even just contentment, I would have to define my own personal reality going forward. And, I’d have to stay away from the spy delusions.

I knew I didn’t want to fit into a regimented role of perfect wife and perfect mother. I didn’t want to be reined in at all times by the confines of my strict religious upbringing. I didn’t want to be controlled by the negative thought processes that had plagued me for most of my young adult life.

Discovering My Personal Reality

With the help of a psychologist trained in cognitive therapy, I defined “normal” on my own terms. That’s not to say I didn’t take responsibility for my actions, or live as a law-abiding citizen. It simply meant that I no longer had to live my life according to what I felt others wanted me to do, how others wanted me to look, or how others wanted me to be.

To ask myself what I wanted out of my own life was an eye-opening experience. To realize that I no longer had to feel guilty for going with my gut was freeing. To reach for what I wanted to achieve, on my own terms, well, that was what made me happy.

Do you feel confined by your negative thoughts? Are you ready to make a change in how you live your life? How do you define happiness? How have you created your own personal reality? I’d love to hear what you think!

I’m so happy to be guest blogging today on A Secret for You! Post a comment below, or connect with me online.

Laura Dennis currently lives in Serbia with her husband and two children. Her harrowing 9/11 memoir, ADOPTED REALITY, is now available on and

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A Letter in Honor of The Bromance

I recently guest posted at

A Letter in Honor of The Bromance

Dear Boyfriend/Husband,

I know we complain about you going out with the guys until all sorts of odd hours…

I know we interrogate you, asking, What could you possibly be talking about for five hours at a loud sports bar? You didn’t even find out the name of the girl your best friend is currently dating!

I know we wonder how you could spend all that money. Why can’t your friends ever pick up the bill?

But, I want you to know, we secretly love The Bromance.

Men with eyeliner make us sad

We love Mr. Metrosexual, who …

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5 Tips for Writing a Catchy Press Release (and doing it again and again and again)

I recently wrote a guest blog for Where Writers Win, a great website that provides marketing tools for writers.

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What’s in a Name?

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Today I’m guest blogging at read that also on the topic of names. Check it out and let me know what you think.

What’s in a Name?

It may not be something people think about every day, or they simply take it for granted. But names are identifiers, and I had a few even before I could walk.

My biological mother was 17 when she had to give me up for adoption. The State of New Jersey in the late 1970s conducted closed adoptions, in which all birth records were confidential and sealed once the child was place with his or her permanent family.

On the day I was born, my birth mom met me for a few minutes before I was taken away. And, she gave me a name.

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